Video 27 May 1 note

Progressive House for those who want something to lay back, close their eyes and just relax to :)

Text 23 May Almost finished up here!

My remix is just about done, just need to do the final touches on the equalizing and maybe a bit more tweaking to the second half, but that should be it :) I can’t put it up just yet, for (as you may have guessed if you’ve read my past few posts) it’s for the Doctor P remix contest :D I’m excited to be apart of such a huge contest and I feel I’ve made a lot of progress through working on this remix!

After I’m done, I’m going back to work on my old Ievan Polkka remix and finalize that before the end of the week, followed by finally getting some time to put work into a progressive house track I’ve had sitting on the shelf for about a month.

Glad to be busy :)

Text 13 May 1 note This remix

Everything I add and every change I make just seems to naturally fit on the first try. I’m finally making serious progress on something and I don’t feel like there’s any blockage or obstacles.

In short, I feel good about this one :)

Video 13 May 1 note

My remix of System’s “Lights” ft. Veela is now available for free download :) share it around and show me some love in the comments :D

Go follow System:

Text 9 May 1 note Progress will present itself in time

My new mantra after today.

Working on a remix, putting a lot of effort into it and just getting mediocrity out of it. So I just keep pushing and trying to make something out of no inspiration to no avail.

Finally, after weeks, I say “fuck this” and I take all the stems and throw them on top of a track I made months ago and never finished because I didn’t know what to do next. Well, those stems were what I needed to do next. A bit of pitch-correction on the original stuff I had and it matches like no other. I really liked this piece I had but just never had the means to take it farther, and now, in time, progress has presented itself to me.

Two separate paths merged into one.

Text 11 Apr Yo dawg, I really like yo’ song and I’mma let you finish-


/Soundcloud Comment

Text 31 Mar Writer’s block

Have this Glitch Hop number I’ve been fiddling with for a while. Sounds super funky with a heavy crunch-bass over it but I’m stuck right now. I want to make the full length of the song and then go back and tweak the details but I don’t know what to do after the first break…

So far I have a stand-in buildup and a drop and then a makeshift break but I need more :x

Text 25 Mar 100 Plays on SoundCloud this week so far!

Doesn’t sound like much but I don’t think I’ve had that much before, also like 15 comments and even a favorite :0

Thanks for the support! Really motivates me to get more music out :)

Video 22 Mar 1 note

New #Moombahton track finally done! :)

Text 22 Mar I do believe…

That I’ve just finished my first Moombahton song :)

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